Jason Wolfman Martin specializes in snappy, weird pop songs, low-fi experimental analog videos, and hybrid wolf-human costumes for his project “Power Animal System”. For many years, Jason created visual art, music, and performances, both as a solo artist and with a variety of collaborators and groups. He curated art and music events, bringing together communities and creators who were from different backgrounds.  Starting out as a teenager around 1990 in the upstate NY region, where he grew up, then based in New York City from 2006 – 2015, obtaining his Master’s degree in Studio Art from New York University in 2010.

But Jason’s life and work were interrupted in late 2015, with a series of disastrous incidents requiring extensive mental and physical healing, leaving him unable to release music or exhibit his art. For the past seven years, aside from a few appearances at dance parties as “Power Animal System” creatures, and the making of images for his Instagram account, Jason has been out of sight, the main project is doing the work to get better. His current digital EP “Test Signal” (released June 21, 2022) is a first foray into getting his music back into the world. 

Prior to the hiatus, Jason’s discography covered 3 decades of LPs, CDs, & tapes. His visual art exhibition history features a lively variety of media, locations, collaborators, and venues. He’s worked as a professor, file clerk, audio recording engineer, television production supervisor, and telephone switchboard operator. Currently, Jason’s residence and studios are back in Troy, NY, near his home town, recharging and strategizing a new life in a strange time.

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