exhibition history


2017  Black Mirror: Magic in Art (touring exhibition and book), Arts University Bournemouth, Power Animal System/ Jason Martin, singe channel video, photographs, essay by Jesse Bransford

2015  SELECT Art Fair, NYC, Power Animal System, performance/photo shoot

2015  Tarot Society, Brooklyn NY, single channel video installation, “Trans-trans-itions”

2015  Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, group show Freudian Slippers, Power Animal System photographs and drawings

2013 – 2015:  Various venues, NYC, bi-monthly performance series, curated by Jason Martin / Power Animal System with assortment of collaborators from the greater NYC area

2014  14k Cabaret, Baltimore, MD, group show Transmodern Film Shorts, Power Animal System single channel video

2014  The Vault, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland OH, group show Immortal Combat, Power Animal System single channel video

2014  Kurant, Oslo, Norway, group show Trollkrem, video installation, Power Animal System

2014  Freight + Volume, NYC, Performance, Power Animal System

2014  Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, Trollkrem Skypa14! international live skype interactive performances, Power Animal System

2013  Center for Digital Art, Brattleboro VT, Performance with video installation, Power Animal System

2013  Harvestworks, NYC, video screening, discussion, performance by Jason Martin

2013  Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn NY, group show NOW WHAT, video/film/performance, “Power Animal Systems 4444”

2013  AS220, Providence RI, performance with sound installation “Power Animal Systems”

2012  The LaunchPad, Brooklyn NY, video screening and discussion with Chris Gethard, Jason Martin, and ESPTV, “3 AM: PUBLIC-ACCESS TELEVISION NOW”

2012  Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn NY, group show Pool Party, video “Power Animal Systems: Wolf VS. Lion #12”

2012  Other Cinema, San Francisco CA, PXL THIS 20, the 20th annual toy camera film festival, single channel video, “Brown Cuts Neighbors Church the Gumby 1990”

2012  Prattsville Art Center, Prattsvile NY, The Art of MudFest, photographic print “Power Animal Workout Instructional”

2012  The LaunchPad, Brooklyn NY + 51 3rd Street Troy NY, Collar City Film Fest, video “Power Animal Systems”

2012  Rabbithole gallery, Brooklyn NY, group show Inner Distance, Power Animal portraits painted by Johannah O’Donnell

2012  Orlando Museum of Art, black box theater projection installation, group show Robots to Warlocks, SciFi and Fantasy Art in the 21st Century, curated by Johannah O’Donnell, “Power Animal Transmission Device”  

2011-12   80WSE Gallery, Broadway Windows/Washington Square Windows, NY NY, solo show, photographic and video installations, “Power Animal Systems”

2011  White Box, NY, NY, group show Bushwick in the Box, video installation and performance, “Power Animal System Series”

2011  Artscape, Baltimore MD, Power Animals performance and live video shoot

2011  Transmodern Festival, Baltimore MD, Power Animals performance and live video shoot

2011  Macy Art Gallery, Columbia University, NYC, group show, curators Maurizio Pellegrin/Gerry Pryor, multi-channel video installation and performance “Power Animal System”

2011  Brooklyn Artists Gym, group show BEAST,  photographic print “Power Animal Instructional Video”

2011  Sara Meltzer Gallery, NYC, performer in series for group show Tide Pool, curated by Ariel Dill and Denise Kupferschmidt, improv rock music inside Matthew Thurber’s installation

2011  Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn NY, group show Bring Your Own Kodachrome Super 8 screening, “12/18/10” silent Super 8mm film

2010  Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC, Participant in re-performance of John Baldessari’s “I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art”

2010  PS122, NYC, Vaginal Davis’ Speaking From The Diaphragm series, sound design and live musical accompanist

2010  Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY, Field of Dreams by Bruce High Quality Foundation and Andres Previn, performance “Power Animals”

2010  Shea Stadium space, Brooklyn NY, group show CONSPIRASTOCK curators Brel Froebe, Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, single channel video “Psychotronic Entrapment”

2010  Be Your Own Placebo gallery, North Adams MA, curator Jamie Mohr, video installation & performance, “Other  Geologic Indicators”

2010  Cathy’s Basement, NYC, Super 8 film screening curator Adam Putnam, “Sacandaga” b/w Super8, silent

2010  Antena Gallery, Chicago IL, group show Cheat Codes, curator Amelia Winger-Bearskin, single channel video “Policedoglady,”  

2010  Gallery 8, 80WSE, New York University, solo show, multi channel video installation “Post Species Power Play”

2009  Bruce High Quality Foundation University, NYC, PEFORMA 09, Barefoot in the Head, performance “Power Animals”

2009  Emily Harvey Foundation, NYC, group show Strip/Stripe curator Amy Granat, 16mm and Super8 films “Line Dances,” “Mohawk River,”

2009  Urban Art Projects, Brooklyn NY, live performance “Power Animal Challenge”

2009  Rosenberg Gallery, New York University, solo show, video and sound installation “Power Animal Challenge”

2008  Light Industries, Brooklyn NY, group show ANIMANIMAL/MAMMAL/MANIMAL, single channel video “Wolf Vs. Tiger”

2008  Artist Television Access, San Francisco CA, single channel video “Wolf Vs. Tiger”

2007  Versionfest, Chicago IL, performance “Evolution Revolution”

2006  The Peanut Gallery, Easthampton MA, group show Animal Magic, ‘zine with audio CD-R “Evolution Revolution,” 

2002  Flywheel Arts Collective, Easthampton MA, video screening and performance “Public Access Rock,”

2000  Twilight Trash Film Fest, Berlin Germany, single channel video “Who Killed Who”

2000  Squeaky Wheel Collective, Buffalo NY, Axelgrease series, single channel video “Outer Space Epic”

1999  Merce Cunningham Studio, NYC, Interactive sound works for dance

1995 – 2000  QE-2, Albany NY, The LOFT, Albany NY, series of live performances and video works “The Department of Experimental Services Presents”

1990  Artists for a New Politics, Albany NY, installation and 24 hour performance “Moses Oysters Bombshelter”

1989  Minor Injury Gallery, NYC, Samizine performance, film loops, live music

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