2022 Jason Martin, “Test Signal,” Signify Records, Digital EP

2016 Jason Martin, “Power Animal System Methods,” Peterwalkee Records, LP and digital download
2014 Jason Martin, “Car Tapes” series, Signify Records, CD and audio cassette
2013 Terminal Hardware, Scumfest Live, compilation CD
2012 Jason Martin, Split Tape with Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Mabel Flav cassette
2012 Location Ensemble, Tape Drift Records CD-R
2011 Jason Martin, “Harmonic Time Cycles / Scary Guitar Man,” YEAY! Plastics cassette
2010 Jason Martin, “Adirondack Power and Light,” Signify Records LP
2010 Jesse Stiles, “The Target Museum,” Specific Recordings LP
2009 Atlantic Drone, “Vivified Sugar Cube Explains the Universe,” Circadia Records LP/CD
2008 Frank Budgen, “The Legend of Frank Budgen,” Specific Recordings, 10″ vinyl EP
2008 The Bunnybrains, “What Makes You Think You Can Save Yourself From Yourself,” Bunnybrains Records and Tapes CD
2007 Jason Martin, “Songs by JM,” self-released, CD-R EP
2005 Jason Martin, “Evolution Revolution,” ‘zine with audio CD-R EP
2004 Steve Cerio and Lettuce Little, “Distant Bee Travel,” art book and CD
2004 Denim and Diamonds, “Street Medics Unite,” Bloodlink Records CD
2002 Jason Martin, “Magic Recording Eye,” self released CD
2002 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “The Necessary Effect – Screamers Songs Interpreted,” Extravertigo Records compilation CD
1999 RRR 500, Lettuce Little, RRRecords, LP
1999 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Video Games of the Twelfth Century,” Nauscopy compilation CD
1998 Horseback Solids, Wow Cool CD-R
1998 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Angels Of Life In A Psychic Wasteland,” Eerie Materials compilation CD
1998 Jason Martin, “Grainy Orange Newspaper Talk,” self-released cassette
1997 Jason Martin, “8 Personal Adventures,” self-released cassette
1997 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “In Case of Emergency Contact the Horses,” self-released cassette
1996 Brown Cuts Neghbors, “Speckeled Pea of the Nets Machine,” self-released cassette
1996 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Eerie Bazaar,” Eerie Materials compilation CD
1995 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Greatest Monkey Band,” Time Stereo cassette
1995 Dara/Velveteens, self-released cassette
1995 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Squeeze Out Another Twinkle,” Nose Hair Records, 7”vinyl EP
1994 His Name Is Alive, “All Virgos Are Mad,” 4AD/Warner Brothers compilation CD
1994 Dara, “New Grape” Time Stereo cassette
1994 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Sound Effect Renditions of Wallpaper Designs,” self-released audio and video cassette
1993 Jason Martin, “King Tapes,” self-released 3″tape reels in boxes
1992 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Honor Snacks,” cassette in ziplock with found objects
1991 Jason Martin, “Pecos the Stories,” self-released cassette
1990 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Broken Down Like A Bean,” Wow Cool, ‘zine and 7”vinyl EP
1990 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Delta,” Wow Cool cassette
1990 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Two Heads Are Better Than Yours,” Wow Cool cassette
1990 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Squid Old Marking,” Wow Cool cassette
1990 Jason Martin, “Two Heats,” self-released cassette
1989 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Plasm Spoon,” self-released cassette
1989 Brown Cuts Neighbors, “Beltsander Girls,” self-released cassette
1980 – 1988: series of cassettes with hand-drawn covers, in editions of 1 each, by Colleen and Jason Martin

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