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Video still
Power Animal System, “Transtransitions” 2014
Produced and performed by Jason Martin
Power Animal System, for E.S.P. TV, 2013
Photo: Jasmine Dreame Wagner
Performers (l-r): Heather Brown, Jason Martin, Jessie Pellerin
Costuming: Roxanne Storms
Digital photo
Power Animal System, Powerposing at the Manor, 2014
Photo/model/costuming: Jason Martin
Live performance
Power Animal System, performance Punk Rock Variation, 2014
Photo: Candace Camuglia
Peroformers (foreground, l-r): Jessie Pellerin, Jason Martin
Live Performance
Power Animal System
Photo: Michael Wagner
Performers (top down): Jessie Pellerin, Heather Brown, Jason Martin
Photo: Peter Barvoets. Model/costuming: Jason Martin

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